Benefits and Features

Strokes and Evaluations

This feature is a unique way of focusing your organisation to positive events and actions, creating company and team wide awareness for a special kind of behaviour called Employeeship.

Companies strive to have people employed who want and can do their best. When everybody “plays” for themselves and the “team” to win, the company has an Employeeship culture.

My Account

This is member’s current stroke account summing up the positive attentions achieved, and is the overview for amount available to reach for the next incentive.

Positive strokes must be recognized. This is where members know their positive efforts were noticed and credited. No worrying of leaving your colleagues with no attentions.


Reports are generated automatically on weekly basis, summarizing on yourself and your team achievements, performance and company life - focused on doing things right.

This is a weekly report on yourself and your team achievements, performance and company life, focused on doing things right.

Gives you an overview of your current challenges and issues as well as a reminder to catch people doing things right.


Want to know who is your team’s top star, performer, enthusiast, or craving for more attention? Want to know what kind of development and actions need to be taken to make all employees top performers? Want to know what actions to take to make your team a winning team?

This is why reports are available, making a crisp overview of every team in real-time. Even more, it’s an on-demand Energy meter which displays your teams 11 factors based on everybody’s strokes instead of personal evaluations.


Good behaviour should be incentivized and rewarded in various ways. Here is a collection of awards and incentives available to your members in exchange for their efforts in Employeeship performance. You may even want to customize them for your incentive or bonus system to benefit most as the whole organisation..