How it works?

JellyTeam is a team engagement and employee experience platform. It is a unique approach to creating engaged teams and focus of everyone to Employeeship behaviour, goal-setting and problem solving, prioritising, and developing good relationships in a team and with teams across the whole organisation. The use of JellyTeam on-line creates behaviours off-line. The service is used by a variety of organisations who want to empower all employees to contribute to excellent working culture called Employeeship.

By giving recognition strokes and attention through the platform for the positive behaviours, the teams create awareness on things that matter most and seamlessly build new behaviours by putting people first.

By establishing personal goals and milestones, and sharing them with other team members, the team benefits from the OKR (Objectives and Key results) system, which enables them to be more productive and align everyone in the same direction.

JellyTeam service looks at various kinds of recognitions given and received by team members and introduces useful analytics and empowerment tools: personal and team will-can matrix, organisational reports, rewards suggestions and e-cards to help team members do their best in achieving business results. Further, it helps company managers and leaders establish better delegation, alignment and employee development in the organisation.

JellyTeam also provides team members to easily focus on their key areas of responsibilities and perform tasks that matter the most for achieving their business results and help them in growing their professional and general abilities for achieving goals.

JellyTeam structure

JellyTeam includes four sections:

  1. Your dashboard: information-rich desktop with the Employee Experience score, your active Goals, and the news about team developments.
  2. Goals: your personal goals and milestones, which are important for your personal success and achievements.
  3. Key areas: these are your main areas of responsibilities to focus on.
  4. Strokes: the main section for sharing recognition strokes with people who inspire you with their actions.
  5. Vouchers: summary of recognition strokes that shared with the user.
  6. Teams & Members: reports showing degree of Employeeship in the team, organisation, or with an individual.
  7. Awards: availability of various rewards that users can benefit from.
JellyTeam sections

Dashboard is the area with the information about your effectiveness and team’s company experience.

The dashboard helps you keep your eye on the goals you are pursuing, and remind you of the areas that are important in order to achieve results.



This section is the overview of your goals with the milestones. You can review your active goals, goal history and the goals’ hierarchy.

This section is a tool for managers who want create successful monthly appraisal and feedback meetings. They can benefit from downloading the goals report in order to make monthly evaluations and meetings even easier – with the goals history included. 


Strokes section

This section is easy-to-use tool for creating, maintaining and rewarding positives that happen in peoples' behaviours. The algorithm used to monitor stroke-giving behaviour provides help and suggestions for improving your own Employeeship behaviour. 

Strokes are any attention people show for any kind of behaviour, positive or negative. However, the strokes in JellyTeam focus only on the positive attentions and do not provide option for expressing negative attention.

The strokes section is there for team members to follow the simple rule "The best minute you spend is the one you invest in people" in order to catch them doing something well. Every time when you catch people in doing something good, they should be recognized in person and by giving a stroke in JellyTeam strokes section.

You should utilize the on-line strokes for behaviour, performance in the key areas, and achievements of your team members, thus develop them and yourself in Employeeship.

Vouchers section

This section is a summary and a track record for you and your team members.

You as have to keep an overview of your strokes you had received and be aware of what others have recognized you for in order to feel well and be proud of yourself.

You as a manager of a team should also be able to know your team, know other team members' accomplishments, achievements or positives in their team-life. Out of sight, out of mind; therefore keep your team-members close in order to help them grow!


Teams & Members section

The reports are designed to show measurements and provide feedback on your team and your team's Employeeship culture. The reports are available also for the entire organisations as a real-time measurement of the Employeeship culture.

However, maybe the most valuable piece of information is not the one of the teams together but the one you can actually do something about - it's your own report.

Use your feedback report on monthly/annual basis as a personal development plan.

Or you can use the feedback reports as a team manager for monthly/annual appraisal tool.

The reports give employee and the managers information for achieving more, which is otherwise more too often unknown to both.


Awards section

What is measured is improved and what is rewarded is done! You should give yourself rewards for achieving milestones, goals and all other kinds of achievements. As a manager, you should give rewards to your team members for their achievements as well.

Only when efforts get recognized and rewarded they will reinforce behaviour. Make it inspiring, fun and genuine, so they'll count more but not cost anything more.

The best organisations can consider tying them into the compensation scheme or other bonuses, which provides additional benefits for the whole organisation. The possibilities are countless, and the only limit is your imagination.

Key steps at the beginning

Take no more than 6 minutes in JellyTeam to start improving your personal and team Employeeship:

  1. Set up your profile: Go into your profile - go to My Teams section and create a new team.
  2. Invite more members to your team: Click onto your profile name and Invite new members. Visit this page to learn how you can invite many members simultaneously.
  3. Give recognition: Go to strokes section and choose one of your team members. Choose one of the behaviours and click the stroke + sign. Enter a nice message for your colleague.


Congratulations! You just sent your first recognition stroke to your peer.

Now go ahead, and enter the goals section where you can add your goals to pursue.

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